Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>  - If the patch were prepared with a non-standard src/dst-prefix,
>    unconditional substr($1, 2) would call blame on a wrong (and
>    likely to be nonexistent) path without a useful diagnosis (the
>    invocation of "git blame" will likely die with "no such path
>    'tailofpathname' in $id").
>    One way to make it more robust may be to do something like this:
>       if (/^--- /) {
>               if (m{^--- (?:a/(.*)|/dev/null)$}) {
>                       $source = ($1 eq '/dev/null') ? undef : $1;

Typo/thinko.  I did that (?:(foo)|bar) thing so that I do not have
to do the conditional.  The above can just be

                if (m{^--- (?:a/(.*)|/dev/null)$}) {
                        $source = $1;

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