Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> In this submission, the command name has changed to git-contacts since
> git-related felt too generic. (git-contacts seemed best of several
> possibilities I surveyed: git-people, git-interested, git-mentioned,
> git-blame-us.)

I admit I am pretty bad at naming, but "contacts" sounds like the
most sensible name for what it wants to do (blame-us sounds cute to
my ears, though ;-).

> No attempt is made to answer Junio's v9 review[5], as I lack sufficient
> insight with '-C' options to be able to respond properly.

I just wanted to see if we want to allow the end user of this script
to specify what -C level they want the underlying blame to use, or
just a hardcoded one should suffice (and if so an explanation why).

> My Perl may be rusty and idiomatic usage may be absent.

That is OK.  We need to start somewhere.

Thanks.  Folks, please discuss ;-). 
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