On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> Subject: [PATCH] clone: drop connectivity check for local clones
> Commit 0433ad1 (clone: run check_everything_connected,
> 2013-03-25) added the same connectivity check to clone that
> we use for fetching. The intent was to provide enough safety
> checks that "git clone git://..." could be counted on to
> detect bit errors and other repo corruption, and not
> silently propagate them to the clone.
> For local clones, this turns out to be a bad idea, for two
> reasons:
>   1. Local clones use hard linking (or even shared object
>      stores), and so complete far more quickly. The time
>      spent on the connectivity check is therefore
>      proportionally much more painful.

There's also byte-to-byte copy when system does not support hardlinks
(or the user does not want it) but I guess it's safe to trust the OS
to copy correctly in most cases.

>   2. Local clones do not actually meet our safety guarantee
>      anyway. The connectivity check makes sure we have all
>      of the objects we claim to, but it does not check for
>      bit errors. We will notice bit errors in commits and
>      trees, but we do not load blob objects at all. Whereas
>      over the pack transport, we actually recompute the sha1
>      of each object in the incoming packfile; bit errors
>      change the sha1 of the object, which is then caught by
>      the connectivity check.

We used to, before d21c463 (fetch/receive: remove over-pessimistic
connectivity check - 2012-03-15). But back then we did not even do
connectivity check in clone.

> This patch drops the connectivity check in the local case.
> Note that we have to revert the changes from 0433ad1 to
> t5710, as we no longer notice the corruption during clone.
> We could go a step further and provide a "verify even local
> clones" option, but it is probably not worthwhile. You can
> already spell that as "cd foo.git && git fsck && git clone ."
> or as "git clone --no-local foo.git".

Faster clones make everybody happy :-)
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