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> > So commit 0433ad128c59 ("clone: run check_everything_connected") (which
> > turned up with v1.8.3) added a large traversal to clone which (as the
> > comment said) makes a clone much slower.  It is especially noticeable on
> > "git clone -s -l -n" which I use every day and used to be almost
> > instant.  Is there any thought to making it fast again, please?
> It's done that way as a security measure against repo corruption.
> Although I wonder if we could do connectivity check in background
> instead (reports are stored in .git and picked up by git-status). The
> same mechanism could be used for "git gc --auto". If the repo turns
> out corrupted, the user may lose the last ~10 minutes of work, not
> really bad for the speed trade off. This mode is not the default, of
> course. The user has to be aware of the risk when choosing this route.

Thanks for the explanation.  Now, is there some way I can turn it off
just for the local shared case.   In my case, I check my repo regularly,
so don't need or want this going on while I am working ...

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