Andreas Krey <> writes:

> I'm wondering if there is (or will be) a way of doing almost
>   git clone --reference localrepo host:canonrep
> Basically, I don't want the implications of --reference but still the
> performance advantages of reusing local objects/pack files.

I think the standard operating procedure for that is to still clone
with the "--reference" option first, and then do "repack -a -d" in
the resulting clone (note the lack of "-l" option in "repack").

After that repack, you should be able to discard the alternates

    $ git clone --reference ../there otherhost:repo ours.git
    $ cd ours.git
    $ git repack -a -d ;# no "-l"!!!
    $ mv .git/objects/info/alternates .git/objects/info/alter-nates
    $ git fsck
    $ rm .git/objects/info/alter-nates
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