Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Thomas Rast wrote:
>> The existing description reads as if it somehow applies a filter.
>> Change it to explain that it is merely about the ordering.
> [...]
>>              OPT_SET_INT(0, "date-order", &sort_order,
>> -                        N_("show commits where no parent comes before its "
>> +                        N_("sort commits such that no parent comes before 
>> its "
>>                             "children"),
>>                          REV_SORT_BY_COMMIT_DATE),
> I fear this wording tweak doesn't go far enough.  The above
> description seems to describe --topo-order just as well as
> --date-order.
> How about something like
>               N_("topologically sort, maintaining date order where possible"),
> ?  I haven't checked the code to see if that's accurate, though.

Same laziness here, as I never actually use show-branch.  However,
you're right, I missed that it also has --topo-order (with a much saner
message).  So I think we can safely assume that it's the same meaning as
for git-log:

>  - by default, commits are listed in commit date order (newest first)
>  - with --topo-order, they are topologically sorted in such a way as
>    to ensure that in cases like
>       ---1---2---4---7
>           \           \
>            3---5---6---8
>    (from git-log(1)), parallel tracks are not interleaved
>  - with --date-order, they are topologically sorted but less
>    aggressively, in particular matching commit date order in the
>    usual case that that is already topologically sorted.
> That would make --topo-order stronger than "show commits in
> topological order" --- it should say something like "sort trying to
> avoid breaking up lines of development".

Depending on how you look at it, the lines of development are kept
together purely by coincidence or algorithmic convenience...

Thomas Rast
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