>> Regardless of any possible fault in git-svn, there's an obvious bug here
>> with git-fsck.  Can you share the pack (if the project is public) or
>> compile a git-fsck without optimization and with debugging, and run it
>> under valgrind, to hopefully get us a backtrace of where the memory
>> management goes off the rails?
> Unfortunately I'm unable to share the pack.
> As Java Developer I'm note very savy, but I'd try.
> Do you have me any pointers on ".. without optimization and with
> debugging" and "run it under valgrind"?
> Currently I used
>    deb quantal main
> as source.

Try something like

  # The package names might be wrong and/or you may need additional -dev
  # packages, I don't know the specifics for ubuntu
  apt-get install gcc make valgrind libcurl-dev zlib-dev
  git clone git://
  cd git
  echo 'CFLAGS = -O0 -g' >>config.mak
  cd /path/to/repo
  valgrind --track-origins=yes ~/git/git-fsck

It'll be very slow, at least 20x the normal runtime, so don't be
surprised if it doesn't seem to get anywhere at first.

Thomas Rast
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