Am 08.08.2013 16:20, schrieb Thomas Rast -
> Can you try to reproduce with a version older than v1.8.3?
> E.g. v1.8.2.3.
> I'm asking because the above points at packed_object_info(), which I
> recently rewrote to be nonrecursive.

It seems to run 'much better' 
  v1.8.2.3 : 3/10 runs do fail
  fb56570  : 9/10 runs do fail

They always fail on a big blob (39MB) as I wrote in my first e-mail:

ben@n179 /tmp/project.git $ ~/projects/git.git/git-show 
49cdd0b21a351f3366008615d2cf8d03ca943978 | wc -c
error: sha1 mismatch 49cdd0b21a351f3366008615d2cf8d03ca943978
fatal: bad object 49cdd0b21a351f3366008615d2cf8d03ca943978
ben@n179 /tmp/project.git $ ~/projects/git.git/git-show 
49cdd0b21a351f3366008615d2cf8d03ca943978 | wc -c

> Also, can you please stop losing the Cc list?  
I'm _very_ sorry for this. I was trying to hide my e-mail 
address from spam robots using as remailer.
Unfortunately it breaks CC.  Switching e-mail now.
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