>> Using
>>   addr2line -e ~/projects/git.git/git-fsck
>> on these addresses may help a little, but not sure it's going to be
>> sufficient :-(.
> I'm still trying to reproduce this issue using gdb.
> Also I'm trying to reproduce this issue with my git repo on another machine.
> ben@n179 /tmp $ addr2line -e ~/projects/git.git/git-fsck
> 0x51e401
> 0x51e53c
> 0x51ecc3
> 0x4e707b
> 0x4e7485
> 0x43d433
> 0x405158
> 0x4052ee
> 0x4054ba
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/sha1_file.c:1901
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/sha1_file.c:1928
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/sha1_file.c:2096
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/pack-check.c:119
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/pack-check.c:177
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/builtin/fsck.c:678
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/git.c:291
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/git.c:453
> /home/ben/projects/git.git/git.c:543

Can you try to reproduce with a version older than v1.8.3?
E.g. v1.8.2.3.

I'm asking because the above points at packed_object_info(), which I
recently rewrote to be nonrecursive.

Also, can you please stop losing the Cc list?  The etiquette on this
list is to Cc everyone who was involved so far, usually meaning everyone
who was already a recipient of the mail you are replying to.

Thomas Rast
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