I was unable to reproduce the error with the same repo and same Git
version on a different machine (Debian Squeeze x64 on a AMD Phenom x6

> I'm running out of ideas.
Me, too. Based on out current observations I'd assume one of:

a) a rare, timing-sensitive bug in Git
b) a compiler/distribution/environment sensitive issue
c) or defect/buggy Hardware (CPU, Memory)

> Hrmm.  I wonder about the significance of those 39MB.  What is your
> core.packedGitWindowSize?  (Judging from the pastes you seem to be on
> 64bit, so the default would be 1GB.)
The default. I have 12GB RAM.

So I'll try to rule out b) and c) as far as I can and report in if I
have any new findings.

Nevertheless thank you very much for your extensive assistance!

- Ben
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