On 08/20/2013 03:31 PM, Johannes Sixt wrote:
>> +    packdir = mkpathdup("%s/pack", get_object_directory());
>> +    packtmp = mkpathdup("%s/.tmp-%d-pack", packdir, getpid());
> Should this not be
>     packdir = xstrdup(git_path("pack"));
>     packtmp = xstrdup(git_path("pack/.tmp-%d-pack", getpid()));

Just a question for documentational purpose. ;)
Am I right suggesting the following:

        Use parameters to build the path on the filesystem,
        i.e. create required folders and then return a duplicate
        of that path. The caller is responsible to free the memory

        Duplicates the given string, making the caller responsible
        to free the return value. (No side effects to fs,
        other global memory). Basically the same as man 2 strdup
        with errorhandling.

        Returns a pointer to a static string buffer, so it can just
        be used once or must be duplicated using xstrdup. The path
        given is relative and is inside the repository.


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