Stefan Beller wrote:
> On 08/20/2013 03:31 PM, Johannes Sixt wrote:

>>> +    packdir = mkpathdup("%s/pack", get_object_directory());
>>> +    packtmp = mkpathdup("%s/.tmp-%d-pack", packdir, getpid());
>> Should this not be
>>     packdir = xstrdup(git_path("pack"));
>>     packtmp = xstrdup(git_path("pack/.tmp-%d-pack", getpid()));
> Just a question for documentational purpose. ;)
> Am I right suggesting the following:
> `mkpathdup`::
>       Use parameters to build the path on the filesystem,
>       i.e. create required folders and then return a duplicate
>       of that path. The caller is responsible to free the memory

Right.  mkpathdup is basically just mkpath composed with xstrdup,
except that it avoids stomping on mkpath's buffers.

The corresponding almost-shortcut for xstrdup(git_path(s)) is
git_pathdup(s).  But that's a minor detail.

Maybe a new Documentation/technical/api-paths.txt is in order.

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