Keshav Kini wrote:

> The man page for `git svn` describes a situation in which "'git svn'
> will not be able to rebuild" your .git/svn/**/.rev_map files, but no
> mention is made of in what circumstances `git svn` *will* be able to do
> so, or how to get `git svn` to do so.
> This patch adds some language to the description of the 'fetch' command
> to rectify this oversight, and also fixes an AsciiDoc escaping typo.
> Signed-off-by: Keshav Kini <keshav.k...@gmail.com>

Good idea.

> --- a/Documentation/git-svn.txt
> +++ b/Documentation/git-svn.txt
> @@ -103,9 +103,12 @@ COMMANDS
>  'fetch'::
>       Fetch unfetched revisions from the Subversion remote we are
> -     tracking.  The name of the [svn-remote "..."] section in the
> -     .git/config file may be specified as an optional command-line
> -     argument.
> +     tracking.  If necessary, rebuild the .git/svn/\*\*/.rev_map.*
> +     files, given the requisite information exists in commit
> +     messages (see the svn.noMetadata config option for more
> +     information).  The name of the [svn-remote "..."] section in
> +     the .git/config file may be specified as an optional
> +     command-line argument.

Taking a step back, the reader might wonder *why* he would want
to run "git svn fetch" to rebuilt these .rev_map.* files, and what
they are for.

Perhaps there should be a separate REVISION MAP section describing
this in more detail.  Something as simple as

                Mapping between Subversion revision numbers and Git
                commit names.  Can be rebuilt using the git-svn-id:
                lines at the end of every commit as long as the
                noMetadata option is not set (see the 'svn.noMetadata'
                section above for details).
        'git svn fetch' and 'git svn rebase' automatically update
        the rev_map if it is missing or not up to date.  'git svn
        reset' automatically rewinds it.

Then this reference in 'fetch' could just say something like

 This automatically updates the rev_map if needed (see
 '.git/svn/\*\*/.rev_map.\*' in the FILES section below for

> @@ -684,7 +687,7 @@ svn-remote.<name>.noMetadata::
>  +
>  This option can only be used for one-shot imports as 'git svn'
>  will not be able to fetch again without metadata. Additionally,
> -if you lose your .git/svn/**/.rev_map.* files, 'git svn' will not
> +if you lose your .git/svn/\*\*/.rev_map.* files, 'git svn' will not

I don't mind seeing this fix snuck into the same commit, but a
separate commit that could be applied more quickly would be even
better. ;-)

Thanks and hope that helps,
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