Jonathan Nieder <> wrote:
> Keshav Kini wrote:
> > +   tracking.  If necessary, rebuild the .git/svn/\*\*/.rev_map.*
> > +   files, given the requisite information exists in commit
> > +   messages (see the svn.noMetadata config option for more
> > +   information).  The name of the [svn-remote "..."] section in
> > +   the .git/config file may be specified as an optional
> > +   command-line argument.
> Taking a step back, the reader might wonder *why* he would want
> to run "git svn fetch" to rebuilt these .rev_map.* files, and what
> they are for.
> Perhaps there should be a separate REVISION MAP section describing
> this in more detail.  Something as simple as

I agree with Jonathan's suggestions.

Keshav: can you please resend with Jonathan's suggestions?
Thanks both.
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