Jonathan Nieder <> writes:
>> @@ -684,7 +687,7 @@ svn-remote.<name>.noMetadata::
>>  +
>>  This option can only be used for one-shot imports as 'git svn'
>>  will not be able to fetch again without metadata. Additionally,
>> -if you lose your .git/svn/**/.rev_map.* files, 'git svn' will not
>> +if you lose your .git/svn/\*\*/.rev_map.* files, 'git svn' will not
> I don't mind seeing this fix snuck into the same commit, but a
> separate commit that could be applied more quickly would be even
> better. ;-)

May I also roll into said commit a couple of replacements of ".git" with
"$GIT_DIR" in the same file, or other such minor touchups?


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