Keshav Kini wrote:

> I changed the wording of your first paragraph a bit according to what I
> thought it meant. Does it still convey what you wanted to convey, and is
> it still correct?
>         Mapping between Subversion revision numbers and Git commit
>         names.  In a repository where the noMetadata option is not set,
>         this can be rebuilt from the git-svn-id: lines that are at the
>         end of every commit (see the 'svn.noMetadata' section above for
>         details).

Sounds good.

> Also, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get a definition to start
> with a '.' character in AsciiDoc.  Escaping the '.' produces a
> definition block, but with a literal '\' before the '.'.  If I don't
> escape the '.', asciidoc thinks it's a section heading or something. Is
> asciidoc just incapable of doing this, or am I missing something?

Oh.  Yeah, this can be a pain.  Quoting the filename with `backticks`
might work.  Writing $GIT_DIR instead of .git might be simpler (see
v1.5.3.2~18 "Documentation/git-config.txt: AsciiDoc tweak to avoid
leading dot", 2007-09-14).

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