> In any case, adding value to the existing process is hard (because it
> works quite well!) and probably requires significantly more work to
> even understand what that value might look like. This, I think, is the
> key reason it is hard to truly get started with any bug tracking
> solution; the solution is not obvious, and the current (very
> customised) workflow is not supported directly by any tool.
> Regards,
> Andrew Ardill
> [1] https://git-scm.atlassian.net

I think you summarised the challenges very well and I don’t think there is an
obvious answer to that.

I’d just like to offer any help that I or we (Atlassian) could give you. Given
your experience with JIRA I’m sure that you’ve got everything covered, but if
you need anything, please ping me.

Re-reading the old discussions there was a concern that the issue data was not
available, I just wanted to chime in and mention that if you are using a JIRA
OnDemand (e.g. the https://git-scm.atlassian.net) instance you can get the full
backup of your data (including any attachments, data available as XML) and
there is a JIRA REST API as well.

I know that this is just a very tangential concern given the challenges of
making an issue tracker work with an email based workflow that has proven quite
successful but I at least wanted to address that and offer any help you might

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