Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> There are situations where two classes of completions possible. For
> example
>   branch.<TAB>
> should try to complete
>   branch.master.
>   branch.autosetupmerge
>   branch.autosetuprebase
> The first candidate has the suffix ".", and the second/ third candidates
> have the suffix " ". To facilitate completions of this kind, create a
> variation of __gitcomp_nl () that accepts two sets of arguments and two
> independent suffixes.

That sounds like a reasonable issue to address, but I do not quite
get why you need a new helper to do this.

If the original only knows to throw "branch." + branch names +
trailing dot into COMPREPLY[] and does so by calling gitcomp_nl,
isn't it the matter of making another call to gitcomp_nl just after
the existing call to stuff branch.autosetup* with trailing SP to
append them to COMPREPLY[]?

Ahh, is that because the eventual call to __gitcompadd() starts the
iteration starting from zero, essentially forbidding you to
incrementally adding to COMPREPLY[] from multiple callers, even
though it is called comp "add" not "replace with this single thing"?

What I am wondering is if a cleaner solution that can be reused by
later needs that may have more than two data sources (or more than
two suffixes) might be to create a variant of __gitcomp_nl that does
not clear existing entries in COMPREPLY[] array, add a helper to
clear the array, which would make the existing one to:

        __gitcomp_nl () {
                __gitcomp_nl_append "$@"

and then complete branch.* using two calls to __gitcomp_*, letting
the first one clear and later one(s) accumulate:

        __gitcomp_nl "$(__git_heads)" "$pfx" "$cur_" "."
        __gitcomp_nl_append $"autosetupmerge\nautosetuprebase\n" "$pfx" "$cur_" 
" "

Will queue as-is.

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