Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> If we are looking at "branch.autosetupmerge." followed by something,
>> who typed that final dot?
> I admit that it's a very unlikely case. The user did:
>   $ branch.autosetupmer<TAB>
> hit backspace to delete the trailing space, inserted a dot, and hit <TAB> 
> again.
>> If you are working on a topic about
>> auto-setup-merge and named your branch "autosetupmerge", don't you
>> want to be able to configure various aspect of that branch via
>> branch.autosetupmerge.{remote,merge} etc., just like you can do so
>> for your "topic" branch via branch.topic.{remote,merge} etc.,
>> regardless of your use of "autosetupmerge" option across branches?
> My reasoning was that being correct was more important that being
> complete. So, if by some horrible chance, the user names her branch
> "autosetupmerge", we don't aid her in completions.
>> Besides, it smells fishy to me that you need to enumerate and
>> special case these two here, and then you have to repeat them below
>> in a separate case arm.
> I'm not too irked about correctness in this odd case; seeing that you
> aren't either, I'll resubmit the series without this hunk (+ the hunk
> in remote.pushdefault).

You seem to be calling it "incorrect" to give the same degree of
completion for a branch the user named "autosetupmerge" as another
branch "topic", but I think it is incorrect not to, so I cannot tell
if we are agreeing or disagreeing.

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