Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I am not sure what you are worried about $pfx; what does it do when
> you have strings with different prefix in COMPREPLY? If it breaks,
> then the answer is "don't do it then".
> Doesn't an array know its own length and give you a way to ask?

Right. I was just throwing counterpoints at the wall.

> Imagine if one is flipping 47 topic branches from 6 contributors
> whose names all begin with 'j'.  I can see that such a person would
> appreciate if "git config branch.j<TAB>" did not dump all 47 topics
> at once but offered "jc/ jk/ jl/ jm/ jn/ js/" instead, and then a
> follow-up completion of "git config branch.jk/<TAB>" expanded to
> names of topics from that single contributor "jk".  Wouldn't the way
> to give these be either to return these two-letter hierarchy names
> with slash as the suffix or to return list of two-letter plus a
> slash with an empty suffix?  Either way, that is using something
> different from a dot or a space, so that may count as the third, I
> guess.

Ah, after completing branch.jk/, we would want no suffix: so the
example definitely counts as a third "completion class". I agree with
your reasoning, and will rework the series to do the _append () thing
you suggested.

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