Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> You seem to be calling it "incorrect" to give the same degree of
>> completion for a branch the user named "autosetupmerge" as another
>> branch "topic", but I think it is incorrect not to, so I cannot tell
>> if we are agreeing or disagreeing.
> No, what's incorrect is providing completions for
>   $ git config branch.autosetupmerge.<TAB>
> when no branch called "autosetupmerge" exists.  The purpose of the
> hunk (which I now removed) was to prevent such completions, ...

Hmph, but in a repository without 'foo', I just did

        $ git config branch.foo.<TAB>
        branch.foo.merge          branch.foo.rebase         
        branch.foo.mergeoptions   branch.foo.remote         

and got offered the above. How would that removed hunk that special
cased those autosetupmerge etc. helped such case?

If it _were_ about correctness, and the definition of correctness
were that "completing branch.foo.<TAB> to offer these four variables
is wrong until refs/heads/foo materializes", the "fix" would have
checked if there already is such a branch and refused to complete
otherwise, not special case a few known names such as autosetup*.

As there is no reason to forbid setting configuration variables for
a branch 'foo' you are going to create before you actually create it
with "git branch foo", I do not necessarily agree with the above
definition of correctness, either.

So it was completely bogus hunk and it is good we noticed and
decided to remove it, I guess.
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