John Szakmeister wrote:

>                                                        I think in a
> typical, feature branch-based workflow @{u} would be nearly useless.

I thought the idea of @{u} was that it represents which ref one
typically wants to compare the current branch to.  It is used by
'git branch -v' to show how far ahead or behind a branch is and
used by 'git pull --rebase' to forward-port a branch, for example.

So a topic branch with @{u} pointing to 'master' or 'origin/master'
seems pretty normal and hopefully the shortcuts it allows can make
life more convenient.

It is *not* primarily about where the branch gets pushed.  After all,
in both the 'matching' and the 'simple' mode, "git push" does not push
the current branch to its upstream @{u} unless @{u} happens to have
the same name.

Hoping that clarifies,
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