John Szakmeister wrote:
> Then where does it get pushed?  Do you always specify where to save your work?
> FWIW, I think the idea of treating @{u} as the eventual recipient of
> your changes is good, but then it seems like Git is lacking the
> "publish my changes to this other branch" concept.
> Am I missing something?  If there is something other than @{u} to
> represent this latter concept, I think `git push` should default to
> that instead.  But, at least with my current knowledge, that doesn't
> exist--without explicitly saying so--or treating @{u} as that branch.
> If there's a better way to do this, I'd love to hear it!

That's why we invented remote.pushdefault and branch.*.pushremote. When you say

  $ git push

it automatically goes to the right remote instead of going to the
place you fetched from. You can read up on how push.default interacts
with this setting too, although I always recommend push.default =
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