> If I understand the issue correctly, the problem is that packed-refs are 
> always case-sensitive, even if core.ignorecase=true.
> OTOH, checking / updating _unpacked_ refs on a case-insensitive file system 
> is naturally case-insensitive.
> So wouldn't it be a better workaround to disallow packed refs (i.e. 'git 
> config gc.packrefs false')?

You are correct, the issue boils down to mixing the usage of
packed-refs and loose refs on case insensitive file systems. So either
always using packed-refs or always using loose refs would take care of
the problem. Based Michael Haggerty's response, it seems that always
using loose refs would be a better workaround.

If I understand gc.packrefs = false correctly, it only prevents git gc
from running git pack-refs, so my question would be is there anything
else aside from git gc that would trigger git pack-refs? Are there
significant downsides to always using loose refs? Would checking
core.ignorecase in builtin\pack-refs.c, and exiting if true, be

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