> If you are on a case-insensitive filesystem, or work on a cross-platform
> project, ensure that you avoid ambiguous refs. Problem solved.

I agree this is the best solution, and I personally avoid the use of
ambiguous refs. However, since there is nothing in git stopping the
use of ambiguous refs, there is no way to stop every person who works
on a shared repo from using them.

> So, everybody on a case-insensitive file system should pay the price even
> if they do not need the "feature"? No way.

I would say preventing potential loss of commits is a price worth paying.

> IMO the proper solution is to teach packed-refs about core.ignorecase. Until 
> that happens, disabling gc.packrefs seems to be a valid
> workaround for people who have that problem.

Once again, based on Michael Haggerty's very informative input, maybe
an even better solution would be to add a core.allowambiguousrefs
(default to true) option and when it is false do a case insensitive
comparison during ref creation (branching, tagging).

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