Sandy Carter <> writes:

> Add space between how and one when printing status of unmerged data.
> This fixes an appending of the how message when it is longer than 20,
> such  is the case in some translations such as the french one where the
> colon gets appended to the file:
>     supprimé par nous :wt-status.c
>     modifié des deux côtés :wt-status.h
> Additionally, having a space makes the file in question easier to select
> in console to quickly address the problem. Without the space, the colon
> (and, sometimes the last word) of the message is selected along with the
> file.
> The previous french example should now print as, which is more proper:
>     supprimé par nous :      wt-status.c
>     modifié des deux côtés : wt-status.h
> try 2:
> Add function so wt_status_print_unmerged_data() and
> wt_status_print_change_data() make use of the same padding technique
> defined as wt_status_status_padding_string()
> This has the additionnal advantage of aligning unmerged paths with paths
> of regular statuses.
> Signed-off-by: Sandy Carter <>
> ---
>  t/         |  16 +++----
>  t/ |  18 ++++----
>  t/           |  94 +++++++++++++++++++--------------------
>  t/      |  30 ++++++-------

This is too noisy a patch to be reviewed.  I tried to resurrect
Jonathan's fix from Dec 2013 and posted it elsewhere---does it work
for you?
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