Hi Sebastian,

On Mon, 21 Apr 2014, Sebastian Schuberth wrote:

> On 21.04.2014 00:10, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > tests do not pass yet. (I also would like to look into getting the
> > performance improvement Hannes Sixt achieved by his patch [*1*] into
> > mingwGitDevEnv's Git installation, too.)
> >
> > Whoops. Footnote *1*: https://github.com/msysgit/msysgit/commit/a0f5d4f
> Dscho, this patch of Hannes is already in, see [1].

Ah, I missed that. That's very good news!

Marat, you see that the patches *are* sent upstream.

Now, clearly you have all the motivation that is needed to get 64-bit
builds of Git for Windows going, and all the motivation required to make
sure that the MSVC support of the msysGit project works.

How about joining forces?

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