On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:56 PM, David Kastrup <d...@gnu.org> wrote:
> The previous implementation used a single sorted linear list of blame
> entries for organizing all partial or completed work.  Every subtask had
> to scan the whole list, with most entries not being relevant to the
> task.  The resulting run-time was quadratic to the number of separate
> chunks.
> This change gives every subtask its own data to work with.  Subtasks are
> organized into "struct origin" chains hanging off particular commits.
> Commits are organized into a priority queue, processing them in commit
> date order in order to keep most of the work affecting a particular blob
> collated even in the presence of an extensive merge history.

Without reading the code, this sounds like how JGit runs blame.

> For large files with a diversified history, a speedup by a factor of 3
> or more is not unusual.

And JGit was already usually slower than git-core. Now it will be even
slower! :-)
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