Shawn Pearce <> writes:

> Right, and JGit blame still is missing the -M and -C options, as I
> have not implemented those yet. I got basic blame and reverse blame
> working a few years ago and then stopped working on the code for a
> while. Now we have interest in improving the latency for $DAY_JOB, so
> I've been poking at the code again for the last week or so.
> But that -M and -C thing is still not implemented, and I know its
> going to be tricky to get right with the way the scapegoating is
> passed along.

Actually, for -M/-C it would be saner to rip open the whole xdiff
blackbox which internally goes to quite some effort in order to produce
the linear ordering of a diff, and then -M has to simulate dropping that
linear ordering requirement by doing a host of parallel diffs for each

David Kastrup
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