Ronnie Sahlberg <> writes:

> Some projects, for example samba, provide a dedicated page on the
> project web site
> where vendors, and I think individuals, that provide services can list
> their information :
> Would this perhaps be a better solution?

Actually, it does not work for my situation at all but then my situation
is likely not typical enough to be worth catering for specifically.

The salient point with me is that my productivity drops by more than a
factor of 100 (no, that's not an exaggeration) when having to do
something I'm not interested in.

Which is the reason my deal with GNU LilyPond where I'm (interrupted by
the git-blame episode) basically lead programmer is that LilyPond users
give me whatever money they consider my work to be worth to them, and in
return I work on whatever I like on LilyPond.  Nobody gets to say _what_
I do, and that's to the best of everyone's interest since only that way
a reasonable amount of work actually gets done.

So I cannot actually provide "services for hire" but it's more like a
"themed money sink" I can offer.  And in the case of Git, since it does
not even appear that there is a continuing base to make it work
reasonably in the context of other contributors and their interests,
it's more like "oops, I ended up wasting months on your project, but at
least there was something to show for it from my side, how about
yours?".  That's not something one can reasonably put on a "support"
themed page.  It's actually bloody ridiculous but then that's the sort
of handicap I have to organize my life around.  Even while it's
unpredictable what I end up doing, once I do get something done it tends
to be pretty good (there are a few old performance patches of mine in
the Git code base where I did not start out from what happens to be
pretty awful code and still got considerable return).

David Kastrup
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