Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> I guess we probably can add "See $URL if you are interested in his
> further plans" after that two-line item and let you write whatever
> you want at that page pointed at by the URL, though.

I most definitely am _not_ planning to invest any more time into Git
since even designing such plans would be throwing good time after bad
time.  And I don't have a web presence anyway.  As it does not appear
that there is any realistic manner in which Git users could even be made
aware of a connection between monetary requirements and work for a
freelancer like myself, I'll be just writing this off as a one-time
mistake on my part given my personal situation.  It's not the first, and
it will certainly not be the last, but at least I can avoid doing the
same mistake twice on the same project.

There are some low-hanging fruit for further speeding up git-blame now
that its internal thrashing has been addressed.  I will point out those
low-hanging fruit so that anybody can follow up on it and do all the
arguing and benchmarking required to go anywhere and get the credit for

But that's as far as my willingness to "do the right thing" will carry.
If nobody picks up either the tab or the rather simple followup tasks,
then that's what the community and customer base of Git is capable of
sustaining and I'm not in a position to change it.

David Kastrup
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