On Tue, May 06, 2014 at 05:01:59PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> John Keeping <j...@keeping.me.uk> writes:
> > I'd like to register my opposition to moving git-remote-{bzr,hg} out of
> > contrib/.
> >
> > I am not convinced that tools for interoperating with other VCSs need to
> > be part of core Git; as Junio has pointed out previously, while contrib/
> > was necessary ... Associated tools can
> > therefore live on their own and do not need to be promoted as part of
> > Git itself (as git-imerge is doing successfully).
> Another thing to keep in mind is that we need to ensure that we give
> a good way for these third-party tools to integrate well with the
> core Git tools to form a single toolchest for the users.  I would
> love to be able to do
>     $ (cd git.git && make install)
>     $ (cd git-imerge.git && make install)
> and then say "git imerge", "git --help imerge", etc.  The same for
> the remote helpers that we may be splitting out of my tree into
> their own stand-alone projects.

This can already work given suitable installation.  With
git-integration[1] I can type `git help integration` and it shows me the
man page in the same way that `git help commit` does.  When I manually
linked the HTML file to the right place `git help -w integration` worked
as well.

> I _think_ it probably is OK for git-imerge.git/Makefile to peek into
> our Makefile, e.g.
>     $ cd git-imerge.git
>     $ make GIT_SOURCE_DIR=../git.git install
> to learn where imerge should install its subcommand implementation
> and documentation.  It might even want to borrow the test framework
> by using $GIT_SOURCE_DIR/t/test-lib.sh or somesuch.  There may be
> some changes the third-party tool authors would want to have in our
> Makefile to help them better when building their tools this way; I
> dunno.
> I also think that there should be a way to make it really easy to
> install these third-party tools to augment the installed version of
> Git without having the source tree of Git.  We have ways for them to
> ask us where things are expected to be, e.g.
>     $ git --html-path
>     $ git --man-path
>     $ git --exec-path
> but I am not sure if these are enough, or if it would help them to
> add a bit more, then what these "a bit more" are.

I think this is enough - now I need to go and make git-integration's
Makefile use them by default rather than just using the same defaults as

Perhaps it would be useful to have a skeleton "external Git utility"
project under contrib/ which could demonstrate best practice for
installing utilties that augment Git.

[1] http://johnkeeping.github.io/git-integration/
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