John Keeping wrote:
> > I also think that there should be a way to make it really easy to
> > install these third-party tools to augment the installed version of
> > Git without having the source tree of Git.  We have ways for them to
> > ask us where things are expected to be, e.g.
> > 
> >     $ git --html-path
> >     $ git --man-path
> >     $ git --exec-path
> > 
> > but I am not sure if these are enough, or if it would help them to
> > add a bit more, then what these "a bit more" are.
> I think this is enough - now I need to go and make git-integration's
> Makefile use them by default rather than just using the same defaults as
> git.git.

This is wrong. Subprojects should use /usr/bin/ and /usr/share/man/ and
not rely on the output of `git --exec-path` and so on.

For example if the user has installed Git in his $home, when building a
package the package manager would use ~/libexec/git-core, which is

Moreover, if you are cross-compiling you won't be able to run the
target's `git` binary.

If anything, it should be `pkg-config --variable=exec-path git`.

Felipe Contreras
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