Junio C Hamano wrote:
> That "when I manually" part is what I meant by "we give a good way for
> these third-party tools" above, and "make it really easy to install
> these third-party tools" in the remaining part of the message you are
> responding to.

We need two things:

  1) Provied a pkg-config, as all sane shared components do
  2) Split the testing framework so third-parties don't have to rely on
     yet another third-parth (shareness)

> Your git-integrate might turn into something I could augment my
> workflow with with some additions.
>  - specifying a merge strategy per branch being merged;

git-reintegrate[1] supports this.

>  - support evil merges or picking a fix-up commit;

git-reintegrate supports this.

>  - leaving an empty commit only to leave comment in the history.


> and until that happens, I'll keep using the Reintegrate script found
> in my 'todo' branch.

My git-reintegrate supports everything John's git-integrate and in
addition it supports generating the commands from an existing branch,
like your Reintegrate. IOW; it's superior.

[1] https://github.com/felipec/git-reintegrate

Felipe Contreras
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