On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 06:17:25PM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> This is the last mail I sent to you, because you ignore them anyway, and
> remove them from the mailing list.
> [...]
> [2], a mail you conveniently removed from the tracked record.
> [...]
> You also conveniently removed this mail from the archives.

I see you already noticed the changes in v2.0, but I wanted to address
these points, because I consider silent censorship to be a serious

I do not think Junio or anyone else has the technical ability to remove
messages from the archive. There is not one archive, but rather several
that get messages straight from vger.kernel.org and keep their own
database (e.g., gmane, marc, spinics, nabble). E.g., here is the
"deleted" message on nabble:


Here it is on gmane:


However, I had to pull that link from the NNTP interface. If you look at
the non-threaded web interface for gmane here:


and here:


you will see that there is a huge gap in the list coverage from about
midnight on the 20th until the 24th (but these messages are available
via nntp). So this seems much more like a gmane bug than anything else.

I've reported the bug to gmane.discuss (no link yet, as I'm waiting for
the message to go through, but it is not a high traffic group, so it
should be easy to find the thread once it is there).

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