Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> Jeff King wrote:
>> On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 06:17:25PM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> > This is the last mail I sent to you, because you ignore them anyway, and
>> > remove them from the mailing list.
>> > [...]
>> > [2], a mail you conveniently removed from the tracked record.
>> > [...]
>> > You also conveniently removed this mail from the archives.
>> I see you already noticed the changes in v2.0, but I wanted to address
>> these points, because I consider silent censorship to be a serious
>> accusation.
> Yes, I also think silent censorship is a very seriours matter, and I was
> very dissapointed that this mailing list would engage in that.
>> I've reported the bug to gmane.discuss (no link yet, as I'm waiting
>> for the message to go through, but it is not a high traffic group, so
>> it should be easy to find the thread once it is there).
> Thanks. At first I thought that was the reason, but then I noticed it
> was always my mails that seemed to get this "bug", so I decided it was
> too much of a coincidence.

Some mailing list filters and/or spam filters flag mails with too many
recipients so that they need to pass through moderation first.  The
typical threads on this list are short and have few recipients while
longer threads, due to the list policy of adding every participants to
the Cc, will tend to have more recipients.

So there may a bias against long-running threads with multiple
participants with regard to timely delivery.

And frankly, if I were a list moderator and software asked me through
this sort of coincidence whether a mail should be delivered or not and a
glance at it shows nothing but insults, wild accusations, threats and so
on for the umpteenth time, I'd consider twice clicking "Accept".
Whether or not I ultimately did so, this would likely contribute to the

David Kastrup
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