Jeff King <> writes:

> On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 06:17:25PM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> This is the last mail I sent to you, because you ignore them anyway, and
>> remove them from the mailing list.
>> [...]
>> [2], a mail you conveniently removed from the tracked record.
>> [...]
>> You also conveniently removed this mail from the archives.
> I see you already noticed the changes in v2.0, but I wanted to address
> these points, because I consider silent censorship to be a serious
> accusation.
> I do not think Junio or anyone else has the technical ability to remove
> messages from the archive.

You can post self-destructing messages by adding X-no-archive: yes if I
am not mistaken.  But that only concerns stuff you post yourself.

> There is not one archive, but rather several that get messages
> straight from and keep their own database (e.g.,
> gmane, marc, spinics, nabble).

Frankly, I find it weird that does not have an archive
of its own.  But yes, that makes it unlikely that silent censorship is
much of a thing.  A list moderator may put a particular sender on silent
moderation, where postings will only appear once he has acknowledged
them.  However, that is a manual and burdensome process and requires an
up-front decision to do so.  Once a message made it to the list, the
various archives will pick it up.

David Kastrup
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