Am 04.06.2014 17:46, schrieb Johannes Schindelin:
> Hi kusma,
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
>> The problem arises whenever git.exe calls subprocesses. You can pollute
>> the environment by setting HOME, I do not recall the details, but I
>> remember that we had to be very careful *not* to do that, hence the patch.
>> Sorry, has been a long time.
> Actually, a quick search in my Applegate vaults^W^Wmail archives suggests
> that we had tons of troubles with non-ASCII characters in the path.

After a bit of digging in the history and the old googlegroups issue tracker, I 
think this patch is completely unrelated to the non-ASCII problems.

In summary, this patch fixes 'git config' for the portable version only, and it 
only does so partially. Thus I don't think its ready for upstream, at least not 
in its current form. See below for the nasty details.

> I would be strongly
> in favor of fixing the problem by the root: avoiding to have Git rely on
> the HOME environment variable to be set, but instead add a clean API call
> that even says what it is supposed to do: gimme the user's home
> directory's path. And that is exactly what the patch does.

By that argument we'd have to introduce API abstractions for every environment 
variable that could possibly resemble a path (PATH, TMPDIR, GIT_DIR, 

We already have similar fallback logic for TMPDIR that is completely 
non-intrusive to core git code (fully encapsulated in mingw.c, see mingw_getenv 
(upstream) or mingw_startup (msysgit)). IMO such a solution would be hugely 
preferable over adding an additional get_home_directory() API (and continuously 
checking that no new upstream code accidentally introduces another 



Analysis of $HOME-realted issues:

1. mangled non-ASCII characters in environment variables

E.g. issue 491 [1], reportedly fixed in v1.7.10 ([1] comment #10).

This is actually a bug in msys.dll, and there's nothing that can be done about 
it from within git.exe. It is also not a problem if git is launched from 

The root cause is that the msys environment is initialized using 
GetEnvironmentStringsA(), which returns GetOEMCP()-encoded strings (e.g. 
cp850), rather than GetACP() (e.g. cp1252) as all other *A API functions do 
[2]. This adds one level of mangling whenever a native Windows program starts 
an msys program (so e.g. the call chain bash->git->bash->wish would mangle 
twice, see [1] comment #3).

For the fixed GetEnvironmentStringsA(), see [3] lines 459ff.

(As a side note, $HOMEDRIVE and $HOMEPATH originally did not have this problem, 
as they were separately initialized from NetUserGetInfoA(). This was changed in 
v1.6.3, however, at that time etc/profile was still using the broken 
$USERPROFILE. See [4], [5].)

2. 'git config' doesn't work with disconnected network drives

Issues 259 [6], 497 [7] and 512 [8], fixed in v1.7.0.2 for bash and v1.7.2.3 
for cmd.

Apparently, $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH is the home directory on the network, and 
$USERPROFILE is local. To be able to work offline, we need to check if 
$HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH exists and fall back to $USERPROFILE otherwise.

Note that git-wrapper does _not_ check if $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH actually exists, 
as the original git.cmd did. This is probably a regression wrt issue 259.

3. HOME is not set when using the portable version

Issue 482 [9], partially fixed in v1.7.2.3 by this patch.

'Partially' because:
- there's no fallback to $USERPROFILE, so it doesn't work with disconnected 
network drives (see problem 2.)
- it doesn't setenv(HOME) for child processes (at least git-gui accesses 
$env(HOME) directly, but I haven't checked what happens if HOME is not set)

Incidentally, this patch was first released with v1.7.2.3, which also sets 
$HOME correctly in both etc/profile and git.cmd. So I suspect that this patch 
has always been essentially dead code (except perhaps for the portable version, 
I've never used that).


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