Hi kusma,

On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> The problem arises whenever git.exe calls subprocesses. You can pollute
> the environment by setting HOME, I do not recall the details, but I
> remember that we had to be very careful *not* to do that, hence the patch.
> Sorry, has been a long time.

Actually, a quick search in my Applegate vaults^W^Wmail archives suggests
that we had tons of troubles with non-ASCII characters in the path.

Given that none of us really has time to recreate the problems, or to take
care of them if there arises a new problem due to setting the HOME
variable again (remember: while we have UTF-8 support in Git, thanks to
Karsten's tireless efforts, and while that seems to fix the biggest bugs
for us, other MinGW software does not have that luxury and will continue
to barf on non-ASCII characters in the HOME variable), I would be strongly
in favor of fixing the problem by the root: avoiding to have Git rely on
the HOME environment variable to be set, but instead add a clean API call
that even says what it is supposed to do: gimme the user's home
directory's path. And that is exactly what the patch does.

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