Hi dscho,

your arguments seem really strong.  (Especially the four years of
battle testing, with the memories of constant problems with HOME before.)

I hope they are strong enough to convince Junio to accept this patch;
that would help.


PS (about mingwGitDevEnv):
> plan is to switch to mingwGitDevEnv for said release. No more msysGit.
> Like, bu-bye. Thanks for all the fish.


With msysgit, there is the "net installer" - first time I installed
msys/mingw sucessfully, it was as easy as Cygwin, perhaps even

When I go to mingwGitDevEnv home page, I read about chickens, eggs,
and upgrading Perl (which msysGit simply gives up, hinting that it is
almost impossible).
So I decided to wait for their Git 2.0.0 release before I try to
install it (again).

I apologize for being so cheeky, I hope it will help anyway...

PPS: from marketing point of view, mingwGitDevEnv is far from usable
name.  Dscho, if you support the idea, would you mind franchising
msysGit 2.0 for a decent amount?
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