Hi Stepan,

On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, Stepan Kasal wrote:

> PS (about mingwGitDevEnv):
> > plan is to switch to mingwGitDevEnv for said release. No more msysGit.
> > Like, bu-bye. Thanks for all the fish.
> Interesting.
> With msysgit, there is the "net installer" - first time I installed
> msys/mingw sucessfully, it was as easy as Cygwin, perhaps even
> easier.
> When I go to mingwGitDevEnv home page, I read about chickens, eggs, and
> upgrading Perl (which msysGit simply gives up, hinting that it is almost
> impossible).  So I decided to wait for their Git 2.0.0 release before I
> try to install it (again).

I understand. And now that upstream Git 2.0.0 is out, it will be very hard
to use that as a deadline to push against. So: don't hold your breath.

> PPS: from marketing point of view, mingwGitDevEnv is far from usable
> name.  Dscho, if you support the idea, would you mind franchising
> msysGit 2.0 for a decent amount?

Make me an offer :-P

Seriously again, I am in favor of calling it the Git for Windows SDK. But
really, it is bikeshedding at this point. There is real work to do, still,
before we can switch. Lots of unaddressed questions. Too little time.
Speaking of which... budget's depleted for today ;-)

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