codebrainz commented on this pull request.

> @@ -1344,6 +1347,10 @@ void plugins_init(void)
        g_signal_connect(geany_object, "save-settings", 
G_CALLBACK(update_active_plugins_pref), NULL);
        stash_group_add_string_vector(group, &active_plugins_pref, 
"active_plugins", NULL);
+       builtin_proxy_glob = g_strconcat("*.", G_MODULE_SUFFIX, NULL);
+       builtin_so_proxy.glob = g_pattern_spec_new(builtin_proxy_glob);

This would probably be better like `g_pattern_spec_new("*." G_MODULE_SUFFIX);` 
rather than building a dynamic string and then freeing it right away.

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