> Seems overkill.

In what way? 3 of the 4 files changed are documentation, and the one file with 
code changes (`plugins.c`) has the same lines added as removed if you don't 
count doc-comment lines. Further, some of those lines are to cleanup an 
existing leak of the `PluginProxy`s as well as 3 more lines that can be 
eliminated as noted in the inline comment. So in the end, it's actually less 
code to give enhanced features.

> What's the use case?

Read the comments in the linked #1233. Matching files with other extensions 
like `*.tar.bz2` or `*.geany++.plugin`.

> Also why do you want to match all plugins?

Read the comments in the linked #1233. A better question is why do you want to 
match file extensions at all? They aren't unique enough to decide whether a 
file is for a given proxy and you have to check them further in the `probe()` 
function anyway.

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