> Read the comments in the linked #1233. A better question is why do you want 
> to match file extensions at all? They aren't unique enough to decide whether 
> a file is for a given proxy and you have to check them further in the probe() 
> function anyway.

I couldn't find an answer, other than you're thinking it's unnecessary.

The idea was to pre-filter inside so that not every proxy has to inspect every 
filename, since I expect that any given proxy would at least look at the file 

It's true that peasy also looks again at the specific extension, but it can 
assume the file name has one at all (data files of other plugins could have no 
extension) and it's one of the registered ones which already helps.

FWIW, I don't oppose this change here, it just seems overkill at this point but 
I can see that it potentially becomes handy, especially if we get more proxies 
that handle the same file type (e.g. peasy and geanypy handle *.py, peasy, 
geany++ and geany itself handle *.so).

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