> I couldn't find an answer, other than you're thinking it's unnecessary.

I summarized the points from #1233 again in the part you quoted there. But to 
repeat from that PR:

>> Also proxy plugins matching blindly against extensions, without checking the 
>> file contents, are basically broken already since all the plugins are only 
>> allowed in a single directory and the likelihood of extension clashes is 
>> great.

>> Further, proxy plugins that register more than one extension will most 
>> likely have to discriminate between extensions in their probe() function 
>> anyway.

But if you think it's useful to pre-filter by extension, then why limit it to 
caseless, single-dot extensions?

> it just seems overkill at this point

Again, please describe what you mean by overkill (In what sense? "too 
flexible"? "too much code"? "too much CPU/memory overhead"? etc), it's not 
clear from the context what you mean. As I mentioned previously, it's actually 
less code, is no more complex, fixes the caselessness problem, supports 
multi-dot extensions, and allows various other simple patterns.

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