Dear GKD Members,

During the past three weeks, GKD members have discussed a number of
intriguing technical solutions to bringing access to underserved
communities, several of which have demonstrated promise in the field.
Especially noteworthy are various forms of wireless connectivity, in
combination with low-cost devices, e.g., the Solo. In addition GKD
members have noted that some pilots have already proven robust --
scaling them up requires policy change, training, tailoring to local
demand, and community involvement.

This week we ask GKD members to consider the distant future in ICT terms
-- the next 3 years. "Connectivity for All." It has a nice ring, but
success thus far has been limited. Funding is a central issue. Although
there are some impressive donor programs, some high profile,
multi-lateral donor commitments have fizzled. Perhaps, going forward, we
should follow the 80-20 rule: Focus our limited resources on pursuing
the few technologies and project approaches likely to have the widest
impact. Forgo experimentation and defer efforts to meet the needs of
those who will be most difficult to serve.


1. What new "high impact" technologies are on the 3-year horizon? Who
(exactly) needs to do what (concretely) to make those technologies
widely available?

2. What's the most valuable area for technology development? Voice
recognition? Cheap broadband delivery? Cheap hand-helds (under $50)?

3. Where should we focus our efforts during the coming 3 years? On ICT
policy? Creating ICT projects with revenue-generation models that are
quickly self-supporting? Demonstrating the value of ICT to developing
country communities?

4. What levels of access should we be able to achieve by 2007 in each of
the major under-served regions? Who (exactly) must do what (concretely)
to attain them?

5. What funding models should we develop over the next 3 years? Projects
with business plans that provide self-sustainability? Support from
multilateral corporations? Venture capital funds for ICT and

We look forward to your valuable input and insights!

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