Dear GKD Members,

In response to the question asked on What's on the Horizon, to us in the
developing world it is more or less provision of basic connectivity,
integrating basic services in the connectivity and a lot of capacity
building. I wish to concentrate on educational delivery and discuss a
model that I have been toying about with as part of a process to improve
the quality of the educational delivery system in the nothern part of

The model uses a VSAT link to the internet and wireless technology to
rapidly and cheaply spread access to cover many educational institutions
within a radius of 40 kilometers. The VSAT is located in the University
and will house educational databases and serves as an educational portal
to the higher institutions, secondary and primary schools in the area.
Such databases, which are to be updated periodically, will provide the
much needed access to educational materials with little need for access
to the net. Of course the servers will provide other services such as
web based email, DNS, web servers for local content creations, course
management software, etc.

Once this is put in place, a lot of skills development programs ranging
from basic computer skills to advanced networking and web based
technologies will be mounted. The key to the success of this model is
the maturity of the wireless technology. I believe this kind of model if
refined and implemented can be a rapid enabler to "Connectivity for

We have already started on this project using our University as the
base. VSATs and a lot of wireless devices have been deployed with very
good results. For instance, our two campuses separated by a distance of
15 kilometers have been linked with wireless. We are also able to cover
the two campuses with wireless signals. We are planning next to bring
our Teaching Hospital into the picture and one or two secondary schools
as a pilot scheme. However, the issues of funding, self sustainability
and adequate planning are among our greatest problems.

Any ideas that can be of help to us?

You can reach me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Ahmed Isah Chafe

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