Vicram Crishna wrote:

> Today, villager's messages are being delivered on paper to an Internet
> Cafe and then transcribed into email for delivery worldwide by someone
> who holds an email account.

This reminds me of my first encounter with the Internet in 1992 when I
visited the Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland and saw
students sitting at old IBM computers and transmitting messages to other
universities. I had delivered a 'sophisticated' computer-based
management learning center to the business school as a donation from
Rotary clubs in California to teach business and entrepreneurship for
the long-term purpose of creating jobs. I learned that I could far
easier communicate with that university by sending a FAX from Pasadena
to a professor at University of California - Berkeley who would re-type
it and transmit it on the Internet to Poland. The reply would be
returned to me by fax from Berkeley. It took another five years before I
acquired the capability of e-mailing direct. And I live in the high-tech
community of California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Jet
Propulsion Laboratories (JPL)!

With this GKD exchange of ideas on how to help the villager get his
communication needs met, the time-line will soon compress to less than
the five years it took me. And my current computer cost a small
fraction of the one ten years ago.


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