Le 10/10/2016 à 10:04, Johan Cwiklinski a écrit :
>> All old developers know that you must always fix in current version.
>> If it's a new developer it's a mistake of his tutor should have seen the
>> problem.
> New developer or not, having some documentation we can rely on and check when 
> unsure will probably prevent issues.
> That is why I've documented this part.

Indeed, documentation can be useful.

Our previous workflow state the "mentor" role for new contributor (or

This mean any new comer will have to find a "mentor" whom will help him
(explain GLPI framework, CS, workflow...) and will propose him for write
access when he think the new developer is ready.

Of course, git can help for this (simpler than SVN)

I think this role is important, is everyone review the new dev. patches,
it will be hard to have a global view of his work.


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