> I think we also need a "Release Manager" ;)
> - create the branch
> - tag the version
> - create / publish the tarball
> - check which commits can go in the branch after a RC.

I'm pretty OK with that.

> And perhaps we also need a "9.1.1" branch
> So only "critical" remaining bugs can go there, and allow dev to
> continue fixing bug in 9.1 branch

Hum... I do not think this is required... Since we only fix bugs in the 
9.1/bugfixes, 9.1.1 can just be tagged once critical fixes will be done.
Waiting for that, we can continue to fix bugs in this branch, 9.1.1 will come 
with a maximum of bugfix, that does not really seem an issue to me.

The only point would be if you're affraid of regression; I'm pretty confident 
on this, but I do not know the project as you do ;)

If you think we should really create a new branch, I can take the RM hat, no 
problem ;)

> BTW, I hope 9.1.1 could be released soon...
> (according to the various bug affecting install/update process)

Indeed, this release should be tagged once network ports stuff have been fixed.

And oh, is there a ticket for those critical things? I guess it has not been 
created (I can do, but I'm unsure I understand the whole issue).


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